This year we have launched one of our most ambitious projects yet...
365 Days Of Creativity. This project involves releasing a one-minute tutorial every day for a whole year. Every video promises to teach you a new design skill and provide you with a perfect dose of daily inspiration
Here is a collection of our April projects! 
Ps Easter Eggs | Photoshop CC Tutorial #91/365
We a slightly different kind of treat for you today, which unfortunately does not involve chocolate BUT it does involve showing you some hidden easter egg features in Photoshop! Like most software or games Photoshop has some cool and fun hidden features which, if you know where to look you can make the most of! 

Clipping Masks | Illustrator CC Tutorial #92/365
It seems like an unusual term but using a clipping mask means you can literally clip a larger shape or pattern into another vector shape. It's a useful technique for anyone who works in illustrator or is interested in developing their illustration skills!!
Data Merge | InDesign CC Tutorial #93|365
We have a very useful technical tutorial in Indesign. Understanding how to use the Data Merge feature could save you lots of time hitting cmd+c and cmd+v to input data from another document. This extremely useful when working with a template in Indesign (i.e a business card) where each version needs slightly different information. Use Data Merge and let InDesign do all of the hard work for you!
Shape Selection | Photoshop CC Tutorial #94/365
Learn how to select and mask specific parts of an image using only shapes! It sounds like a complicated task but we promise it's not. Watch this tutorial for a step by step guide and then try it out for yourself! This technique will enable you to pick and choose elements from your photographs and incorporate them into totally separate images in Photoshop! Perfect for anyone who works in photoshop or is interested in image editing or photography!
Capture Colour Palettes | Adobe Capture App Tutorial #95/365
There are great examples of colour everywhere, in nature, in architecture, in coffee shops and on book covers. If only we had a way to capture these great colours to use for later. 
O wait we do, if you don't use it already, today we want to introduce you to Adobe Capture. A mobile application which enables you to create colour palettes using the camera on your phone
Bokeh effect | Photoshop CC Tutorial #96/365
This effect is not only perfect for ensuring the foreground elements of your images jump out to a viewer but can also be used to set the tone or mood of your image.
Using Scale | Theory Tutorial #97/365
In design (or any creative practice) understanding what the term 'scale' refers to and how to use it will help ensure your work communicates effectively by giving your elements depth, context and therefore meaning! This is a key piece of design theory and honestly, it's not as tricky to wrap your head around as you think! Once you understand how to use it you will notice the difference it makes to your work immediately! No matter what sector of the creative industry you're interested in be sure to take a minute to check this out!
Symmetry with Transform Effect | Illustrator CC Tutorial #98/365
We have a great technique to show you today which could save you loads of time whilst working in illustrator. Learn how to use the Transform effect to refine your illustrations and ensure the changes you make are consistent throughout your design 
Columns within Text | InDesign CC Tutorial #99/365
When working with body copy knowing how to structure your text into seperate columns not only makes it look far cleaner and more considered but greatly improves the readability of your text. Learn how to create columns using text frame options and let you in on some handy tips, so that you can make the most of this feature!  
3D Layers | Photoshop CC Tutorial #100/365
Want to add another dimension to your creative work? If so we have just the technique for you. Discover how to create 3D Layers in Photoshop plus discover the ways you can manipulate the 3D model!
Working with Symbols | Illustrator CC Tutorial #101/365
If you work a lot with icons, logos or symbols todays tutorial is perfect and could save you a lot of time. Especially if you love branding projects... When you have multiple versions of the same asset it can be a faff to go through and make changes individually AND know for sure that they all still look consistent. The Symbols Panel in Illustrator can change all of that! To find out how check out this tutorial!
Align and Distribute Panel | Illustrator CC Tutorial #71/365
We have been very excited to show you today's tutorial, which demonstrates a very useful yet perhaps underused panel in Adobe Illustrator...Align and Distribute. Check out how this little but mighty tool can help create consistency in your work and save you a tonne of time!​​​​​​​
Character Art | Procreate Tutorial #102/365
Understanding and watching other peoples creative processes can help you reflect on and develop your working style. Illustrating can be a tricky skill to develop but it's all about practice, trying different methods and finding your style!
Creating 3D Graphs | Illustrator CC Tutorial #103/365
Being able to create infographics and visually display complex data is a very valuable skill, especially for graphic designers and illustrators! It may not sound particularly fun BUT with Adobe Illustrator it seriously can be. This tutorial will teach you exactly how to create a customisable 3D graph which could be used display all types of date!
Line Length | Theory Tutorial #104/365
Keeping an eye on the length of your lines whilst working with text is incredibly important. Not only to ensure your design looks professional and consistent but more importantly so the text is easy to read and understand!
Coloring Old Photos | Photoshop CC Tutorial #105/365
This technique is a great way to manipulate and transform images so they turn into something totally new. So you can restore photographs to their former glory or give them a whole new look and feel using your own taste and style!
Drop Caps | InDesign CC Tutorial #106/365
Drop Caps act as great entry points for your columns of text! They draw a viewers eye and can help editorial spreads to feel polished and well considered!
Focus Area selection | Photoshop CC Tutorial #107/365
This technique is particularly useful when editing images which will be used in advertising or in magazines, where you only have seconds to communicate the message to the viewer!
Cover Text | Photoshop/Indesign CC Tutorial #108/365
Learn to create a classic style of magazine cover using a simple but visually effective technique. We demonstrates one of the many ways Photoshop and Indesign can work together to help you produce polished, professional and interesting design work!
Fan Art | Procreate Tutorial #109/365
Producing a fan art is a great way to get used to studying subjects, get your work out there, develop your style and practise storytelling!
White Space | Theory Tutorial #110/365​​​​​​​
We explore another piece of design theory! Sometimes it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking white space means wasted space BUT it's not. Ensuring there is white space around your design elements actually helps a viewer to navigate and understand your design and the elements relationship to one another! ! 
Using Brushes | Photoshop CC Tutorial #111/365
Get to grips with brush tool settings in Photoshop! Martin will walk through the different settings so you know what is available and ready for you to use! Brushes are useful for creating organic feeling shapes, especially if you are using a Wacom tablet to draw with! Once you start experimenting you won't want to stop... 
Symbol Tools | Illustrator CC Tutorial #112/365
If you are not already familiar with the Symbols Panel in Illustrator then stick around and take a look at today's tutorial! Using this brilliant panel in Illustrator will not only save you a tone of time replicating your vector drawings but can help you achieve a natural scattered effect in seconds! 
Using Contrast | Theory Tutorial #113/365
Check out how having little or no contrast makes the design look flat and uninteresting. Plus none of the design elements stands out or communicates a message! Meaning the work wouldn't capture a viewer's attention.
3D Mockup | Dimension CC Tutorial #114/365
Have you heard of Dimension CC? It's another Adobes desktop applications, which enables you to combine 3D models and images to create your own realistic product mock-ups. This gives you great flexibility over how you want your product to appear to a viewer, perfect if you want to sell a packaging concept to a client or develop a product of your own!
Character Illustration | Procreate CC Tutorial #115/365
Anyone who loves Guardians of the Galaxy will LOVE this tutorial! Watch as Martin draws the adorable baby Groot using design app Procreate. When illustrating It's important to start with a reference image but don't feel you have to stick with it 100%. Introduce your own style and interpretation (especially when working on fan art!)! 
Text Wrap | Indesign CC Tutorial #116/365
When working on editorial spreads it can be very useful to use the text wrap option to ensure text and image work together as a team and don't overlap one another.
Isometric Drawing | Illustrator CC Tutorial #117/365
This is one of our team's favourite videos this month! Using Isometric Objects in illustrative projects has become a big trend within the creative industry. We have noticed it particularly on magazine covers, have you guys seen it around? Creating these objects can seem like a tricky task but today's tutorial will walk you through a step by step process. So once you have watched it, you will be ready to have a go at creating your own!
Shape Builder Tool | illustrator CC Tutorial #118/365
If you are interested in illustration or work in Illustrator (and don't yet use the Shape Builder Tool) we highly recommend you watch today's tutorial. We think you'll love it!
Using Lines | Theory Tutorial #119/365
Line' is one of the basic elements of Graphic Design.Today we are going to take a look at a few ways lines can be used within your creative compositions. They may not sound that special but you would be surprised!
Understanding how you can use lines to divide space, separate elements, point out important information etc can help bring structure to your layouts no matter what project you are working on (poster design, web design, packaging design...)
Reflection on Water | Photoshop CC Tutorial #120/365
We have a very picturesque tutorial for you to take a look at today! Martin will teach you a step by step guide to creating an authentic looking Reflection on Water in Photoshop.
A great way to add that finishing touch to an image your working on! Especially if you want it to look totally realistic!
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