This year we have launched one of our most ambitious projects yet...
365 Days Of Creativity. This project involves releasing a one-minute tutorial every day for a whole year. Every video promises to teach you a new design skill and provide you with a perfect dose of daily inspiration. 
Here is a collection of our February projects!
#32/365 Illustrator CC Custom Brush Winter Illustration Tutorial
Learn how to create custom brushes in Illustrator from any object you have created or collected. Plus watch as we apply this technique and create a (very chilly looking) Winter Scene Illustration. Understanding how to make and use custom brushes will come in very handy in a lot of creative projects. They’re versatile, a great way to ensure your work is consistent and add a sense of depth!
#33/365 Photoshop CC Animating Floating Object Tutorial
We decided to demonstrate this technique using a pineapple. Of course you don’t have to choose a pineapple, it could be any object or asset your working with! We’ve broken the process down into a step by step guide, so the tutorial is easy to digest on the go and means you can try this skill out as soon as you have the time! e.
#34/365 Illustrator CC Image Within Text Tutorial - The Day the Music Died
This technique offers a great alternative to simply using an image and can work well when used in editorial, poster design and loads more. Being able to use words as images means you can introduce information in a new way e.g the time of a gig, name of an artist or location etc.
#35/365 Legibility | Illustrator CC Tutorial
In a lot of projects it’s important to prioritise Legibility so your viewers can easily understand the information which is being shown to them. Sometimes though you it can be more interesting! Watch how you can play with the legibility of a word or phrase to communicate meaning within design compositions. Also learn exactly how to use tools in Illustrator which are perfect for distorting type.
#36/365 Double Exposure | Photoshop CC Tutorial
This technique is perfect for use whilst designing Movie Posters, Album Art, Apparel and could easily fit into an editorial publication! Understanding this technique will allow you to be more playful with images and create layers of meaning within your designs!
#37/365 Children's Book | Photoshop/InDesign CC Tutorial
Watch as we take assets from Photoshop and import them into Indesign to be used as part of a double page spread. Learn some great techniques in Indesign to ensure your spreads look professional and ready for commercial use!
#38/365 CV Design | InDesign CC Tutorial
Watch the time lapse as we demonstrate how to structure a professional CV that’s ready to be used on applications or sent out to creative agencies! Plus get invaluable advice on what information you should include on your CV and how it should be organised! Your CV could be the first impressions you make on a potential employer, it needs to be well laid out, look professional and most importantly precise!
 #39/365 Brush Pattern | ProCreate Tutorial
Learn all of the different ways you can use/experiment with brushes in the Procreate App! You'll be so surprised at how tactile the final results feel and how useful they can be within commercial work! Creating this type of abstract pattern is perfect for use on loads of products i.e mugs, note books, phone cases etc but also could easily be used as book jacket designs, on packaging or apparel!  
#40/365 Drawing with Horizon line | ProCreate Tutoria
Watch as we use Pizza to demonstrate how to draw using the horizon. If your an illustrator or looking to improve your illustration skills this is a must watch! We provide an explanation of how to use this technique in your own drawings as well as showing some nifty examples so you can see the knowledge applied in a few different ways. This means you’ll have a better understanding of the technique and will be able to try it out in an illustration of your own!
#41/365 Repeat Pattern | Illustrator CC Tutorial
We’ll walk you through exactly how to create a perfect pattern using the pattern tool in illustrator. We love this technique because even once you have created the pattern you can easily make alterations throughout the whole design!
#42/365 CMYK Shift | Photoshop CC Tutorial
Learn how to create a CMYK Plate Shift effect in Photoshop (without going through the actual printing process) Understanding how to use this technique will not only draw attention to your typographic projects but is also useful for replicating printing processes such as Risograph and provides a very contemporary style for a design project.
 #43/365 Statue Study | ProCreate Digital Art Tutorial 
If you enjoy observational drawing or would like to improve your skills take one minute to check out this tutorial! Watch the time lapse as we draw a detailed statue from scratch through to final result. Then keep an eye on our smaller animations to understand the process we go though and tips for creating your own observational drawings.
#44/365 Kerning Tutorial
It’s really important to understand creative principles in every position in the creative industry. Having a fundamental knowledge of space, balance, colour etc will save you loads of time in the future. So today learn the fundamentals of Kerning typography, a technique which not only impacts the readability of your work but visually how it appears to a viewer/user. Kerning is not a scientific technique and relies on on you being able to judge the space between individual characters on a page!
#45/365 Valentine's Card Design | Illustrator CC Tutorial
Happy Valentines Day! Go the extra mile this year and produce your own card! This technique is a fantastic way of creating typography which has a hand drawn feel but still maintains a uniform quality. That’s because the base of the composition is still a uniform font! So your proportions still look great but you achieve a great playful tone overall!
#46/365 Create Your Own Mockups | Photoshop CC Tutorial
We all spend a lot of time hunting for that perfect product mockup however our tutorial will teach you how to create your own using a step by step method! This will give you far more control over how you display your creative work. Allow you to see your work in any context you need and save you lots of time!
#47/365 Chinese New Year Illustration | Illustrator CC Tutorial
Happy Chinese New Year. To celebrate the start of the year of the brown dog we have made this (very cute illustration.) Whilst working in Illustrator it’s always good to be aware of the vast number of tools you can use to add depth and consistency to your work. Knowing these tips will save you loads of time in future projects!
#48/365 Magazine Cover | InDesign CC Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to take a single image through to finished magazine cover. Showing you how to, manipulate vector shapes, re-touch unwanted details, add text and make final adjustments! Combining shapes with images has become increasingly popular in all areas of design. It connects the design elements in a natural seamless way! Understanding these techniques will mean you can experiment with this playful style to create your own unique style!
#49/365 Drawing in Symmetry | Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial
Learn to create perfectly symmetrical drawings using both Illustrator and Photoshop. Both of these techniques will ensure you end up with a professional and consistent final result every time. Plus save you loads of time copying artwork meaning you can prioritize producing new work!
#50/365 Fashion Drawing | ProCreate Tutorial
Watch our process as we use a step by step process to draw a fashion figure full of personality then take that sketch into Photoshop to make final tweaks to the model's posture/stance. Learning these techniques will give you ultimate flexibility over your illustrations! This type of drawing is often used in concept art, the fashion industry, editorial illustration and even poster design! Our process will give you the tools to explore your creative ideas in a whole new way and really make your work stand out!
#51/365 Out of Bounds | Photoshop CC Tutorial
This design method is currently used loads on marketing material and within advertisements. It’s a perfect way to create personality and to playfully introduce another layer of meaning within a composition!
#52/365 Character Illustration | ProCreate Tutorial
Watch as we create a Western inspired cartoon character from initial sketch to final solution. Our cool little character would be completely ready to use in a commercial project. He could make a perfect print, be involved in advertisement, on food packaging,
in kids books or even taken on to be animated! .
#53/365 Watercolour Effect | Photoshop CC Tutorial
Check out how to apply a Watercolour Texture to a digital illustration in Photoshop, in this case of course we had to create a Margarita. Plus learn other useful tools and techniques which are perfect for giving your work a hand crafted feel.
#54/365 Hand Lettering | ProCreate Drawing Tutorial
Hand lettering can be tricky and time consuming. You need to have a good working method to go by so you don’t end up wasting to time! Today we’re sharing a perfect working method for producing hand lettering. Watch as we take a typographic composition from initial guides and pencil marks to final result.
#55/365 Flashing GIF | Photoshop CC & Adobe Draw Tutorial
We hope this animation based tutorial encourages you to tuck into a big bag of Tortilla Chip’s OR even better to have a crack at making your own Tortilla inspired GIF! Learn how to start your illustration using mobile design applications (of course you can also start these in the desktop software) and then take these initial sketches into Photoshop and transform them into a full animated composition ready to be posted online for everyone
to see!
#56/365 Gig Poster Design | Illustrator CC Tutorial
Check out how to structure a gig poster so that the most important information for the viewer is prioritised and clearly communicated within the design! This structure is referred to as the hierarchy of information within your design!
#57/365 Girl Portrait Drawing | ProCreate Tutorial
To celebrate Australia Day this tutorial will teach you how to create a bright and fun vector based map of Australia! We show you a technique that will allow you to quickly create an outline of a map (it could be of any country) and how to stylise that outline to reach a final design solution.
#58/365 Composition with Silhouette | Photoshop CC Tutorial
Learn how to create a silhouette as well as tools and techniques for taking this silhouette and turning it into an entire design composition. This skill is really useful for combining multiple images into one piece of work in a innovative and dynamic way that avoids using to many image frames! This comes in handy when working on editorial projects, on poster designs and briefs which require abstract thinking!
#59/365 Floral Illustration | Illustrator CC Tutorial
We want to teach you about handling various design assets and how they can be utilized to create a dynamic, playful and inspirational composition which is ready to be used in commercial projects. Or stand alone as a print ready to be sold! !
We hope you found these useful (and interesting!) Be sure you check our social sites for new tutorials everyday. Youtube and Instagram


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