This year we have launched one of our most ambitious projects yet...
365 Days Of Creativity. This project involves releasing a one-minute tutorial every day for a whole year. Every video promises to teach you a new design skill and provide you with a perfect dose of daily inspiration. 
Here is a collection of our January projects!

#1/365 Typographic Design in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
To kick start 2018 we are excited to show a typographic composition!
#2/365 Negative Space in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
Negative Space can be a great design asset, find out how to utilize it! No matter what your creative passion is this piece of theory can come in very handy! Today we would like to show you how to use negative space within a type based logo design! This tutorial walks you through the process of manipulating type to make great use of negative space.
#3/365 Gradient Map in Photoshop CC | tips & time-lapse
This effect is a sure way to make any image look awesome, we’re not saying you
should use it on everything but it’s definitely a handy technique to know! Learn everything you need using our step by step instructions so you can start using Gradient Maps in your work today!
#4/365 Variable Fonts in Photoshop CC | tips & time-lapse
Variable Font’s are a new OpenType font format which allow you to alter custom characteristics of a typeface such as it’s weight, width and slant using slider controls in the (also new) Properties panel. Whilst you are adjusting these sliders Photoshop automatically selects the type style closest to the current settings. For example, when you increase the slant for a Regular type style, Photoshop automatically changes it to a variant of Italic.
#5/365 Pattern Design with Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
Learn how to make a beautiful Bird Pattern Design in Illustrator, we have broken each
step down and covered everything from creating a singular bird to applying a background colour to the final composition.
#6/365 Rule Of Thirds | tips & time-lapse
The rule of thirds is an incredibly useful piece of theory and understanding its principles will enable you to structure the elements of your design in right way, so the overall composition communicates the right message, is well balanced, easy to understand and looks fantastic! Stay warm and stay inspired!
#7/365 Line art with Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse  
Watch the time-lapse as we compose a contemporary and picturesque Ski Scene made entirely of line drawings! You will also learn exactly how to make our favorite element from the larger illustration! The techniques we demonstrate are ideal for anyone who works in illustrator and aim to demonstrate new (and maybe even faster) ways of creating elements and effects.
#8/365 Gradients in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
You can use gradients in so many ways (the Instagram logo is a great example) and they have made a massive come back within the design industry! We actually apply a gradient to every element of this composition so you can see how versatile and easy to use they really are!   
#9/365 Paint over photos with ProCreate | tips & time-lapse 
Illustrating onto images is a innovative way of taking an existing piece of art and producing something completely new. It’s experimental, fun and most importantly has popped up in a lot of creative projects we have seen recently. This tutorial will teach you how to select and alter preferences when working with brushes in Procreate!
#10/365 Flower Wreath in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
The final result of this tutorial would fit perfectly onto greetings cards, postcards, pillows and even on display as a print (also it would be easy to adapt to use for special occasions...we’re thinking Christmas cards for next year!) Producing this kind of work demonstrates a great knowledge of composition, consistency, colour and technical skills!
#11/365 Photoshop CC Neon Light Tutorial
As well as being incredibly cool this skill will come in handy if you enjoy designing posters, especially for gigs/events or have an interest in contemporary illustration/animation.
In 2017 we have seen a big trend towards bright colors and bold design which looks like it’s hear to stay!
#12/365 Text Wrap in InDesign CC | tips & time-lapse
If you love working in Indesign or are interested in Editorial Design/ Composition we highly recommend you take a minute to watch this tutorial. Learn how to utilize the text wrap tool so your copy interacts with other design elements making your body text just as interesting to look at as your imagery!
#13/365 Hand-made Pattern in Photoshop CC | tips & time-lapse
Learn how to make a seamless pattern, from initial idea all the way through to final product! We use traditional media to produce a colourful pattern and then move into Photoshop to tidy it up and prepare it for commercial use! Turn creative fun into a high quality print ready to use or sell!
#14/365 Creative Frames in InDesign CC | tips & time-lapse
As well as showing you an adorable looking kitten we will to teach you how to divide a single image among multiple frames, which can help to create a dynamic design for magazine spreads/covers, greetings cards, posters or just to make your own pet look even cuter!
#15/365 Vector Portrait in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
Geometric Illustration is another big trend we have noticed within the creative industry, it’s contemporary, minimalist and visually interesting. Knowledge of this technique can come in very handy whilst producing all types of visual assets, icons, logos, editorial illustrations, portraits and lots more!
#16/365 Drawing a Dragon in ProCreate | tips & time-lapse
Watch as we use mobile application Procreate to sketch our handsome dragon from scratch. If you haven't heard of it yet we highly recommend you check out what it’s capable of! To get you started we show you how to use layers to add in extra detail to your design. This enables you to refine your illustration without having to worry about ruining the overall piece! We swear by this technique! Check it out!
#17/365 Halftone Effect in Photoshop CC | tips & time-lapse
The halftone technique has been broken down into a step by step process so you can learn the technique quickly and even give it a go yourself today!
#18/365 Minimalist Portrait in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
Learn how to create a vector drawing of Winnie in Illustrator and familiarise yourself with some handy tools to help keep your designs consistent! This tutorial will teach you tools, techniques and shortcuts in illustrator which you can apply to a massive range of projects.
#19/365  Wave Effect in Photoshop CC | tips & time-lapse
we’re going to show you how to create a wave effect in Photoshop using the Liquify Brush! Watch the timelapse to see our working process and how we arrived at the end result and follow the step by step actions to learn exactly how to we created the waves! Once you understand exactly how to use this tool it’s handy for adding depth and character into loads of illustration projects and will help to really make your work stand out.
#20/365 Gradient Line Art with ProCreate | tips & time-lapse
Mobile design applications have amazing capability and include plenty of new techniques for you to learn! In this tutorial we will demonstrate one in Procreate, which allows you to apply a great colour effect to your designs. We have broken the process down step by step so it's easy to learn and means you’re ready to start trying using the technique asap! If you haven't heard of Procreate yet we highly recommend you check out what it’s capable of!
#21/365 Pairing Typefaces | tips & time-lapse
Pairing typefaces can be tricky and understanding the theory behind this topic can save you a lot of time and research during a creative project. Our tutorial will cover the basics of pairing type and show you loads of awesome examples of successful font pairings.
#22/365 Blend Modes in Photoshop CC | tips & time-lapse
Learn how to quickly toggle between blend modes so you can see instant changes to your image and decide which mode is right for your particular image! Also see the difference between using Multiply and Overlay modes on an image, this will help you to start using them in your future work!
#23/365 Creative Hand Lettering | tips & time-lapse
A lot of creative professionals start projects by sketching out their ideas, it’s a fast
and effective way of exploring visual styles, instead of moving straight to digital software
and can save a lot of time! Also some creative professionals still prefer to work using traditional media and sell their designs... so there truly is a lot of value in mastering
this skill!
#24/365 Hand-made Assets in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
Watch this tutorial and find out how to enhance assets which you’ve produced using traditional techniques so they are ready to be used in commercial projects. We take assets we produced by hand and combine them with digital elements to create a professional composition which is ready for commercial use.
#25/365 Out of Bounds with InDesign CC | tips & time-lapse
We’re sure you’ll have seen this effect used loads before on brochures, billboards, leaflets, advertisements etc! It’s most commonly used in print and editorial design, the process starts in Photoshop and can then be activated later in Indesign! It’s an impressive technique to learn as it provides you with an interesting and professional way of removing unnecessary sections of an image that may interfere with the rest of your design composition, especially if you have limited space and a lot of design assets.
#26/365 Drawing Maps in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
To celebrate Australia Day this tutorial will teach you how to create a bright and fun vector based map of Australia! We show you a technique that will allow you to quickly create an outline of a map (it could be of any country) and how to stylise that outline to reach a final design solution.
#27/365 Slicing Objects in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
Learn how to create this brilliant and playful cup cake composition! We will show you different methods/tools for slicing a vector illustration. This can come in handy for adding small details to your design or even to split whole illustrations into multiple pieces which can then be moved and used independently within your composition.
#28/365 Circular Composition in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
Watch how our design came together and how we combined text image and colour to produce a final result ready to be used commercially. Also check out the step by step actions to learn about the tools and techniques we used in our working process!
#29/365 3D Frames in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
Being able to create these folded frames will come in handy if you need to make a fact or piece of information very visible within a composition and could also be used as elements within logos, web banners, on flyers, product packaging and loads more!
#30/365 Ripped Paper in Photoshop CC | tips & time-lapse
We’re sure you’ll recognise this effect from famous movie posters, book covers, advertisements etc. It’s an interesting way to incorporate text or add extra imagery into your design without compromising the overall clarity of the composition. We have broken this technique down into easy to digest steps so you understand which tools to use and exactly when to use them! This way you will know how to apply the Ripped Effect technique to your future designs!
#31/365 Badge Design in Illustrator CC | tips & time-lapse
Watch as we take a heartfelt initial design all the way to a polished asset in Illustrator, lots of creatives start projects like these by putting pen to paper and we are no different! It’s a quick and useful way to visualise your ideas and give yourself some creative direction! This tutorial will show you exactly how to make a perfect heart using multiple tools in Illustrator as well as going through a few of our other favorite elements within today's design!
We hope you found these useful (and interesting!) Be sure you check our social sites for new tutorials everyday. Youtube and Instagram


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