This year we have launched one of our most ambitious projects yet...
365 Days Of Creativity. This project involves releasing a one-minute tutorial every day for a whole year. Every video promises to teach you a new design skill and provide you with a perfect dose of daily inspiration
Here is a collection of our June projects! 
Colour Shift | Photoshop CC Tutorial #152/365
We will walk you through her step by step process for creating a CMYK shift using three very similar images. We're sure you will have noticed this effect being used recently in advertisements, magazines on websites etc. It looks extremely impressive and is actually easier to achieve than you might think! Once you have seen today's tutorial why not try it out for yourself so you can start using the technique in your own creative projects!
Surreal Art | Photoshop CC Tutorial #153/365
We have a pretty unique (and fun) technique to show you which involves manipulating Photographs and mixing in a little Illustration! There are so many different ways to mix these two creative practises. We are going to explore how you can create a surreal composition packed full of personality. With practice, you could develop this method into a strong signature working style!
Graphic Styles | Illustrator CC Tutorial #154/365
Understanding how to use Graphic Styles can save you a lot of time when working with multiple shapes/elements within your work (especially if it's a big project or more complex project!)
Step and Repeat | InDesign CC Tutorial Step and Repeat #155/365
Discover a useful and easy to pick up technique for creating multiple versions of the same shape. So you can avoid having to draw it over and over again. This method allows you to create a consistent row, column or even grid of shapes in seconds. Saving you loads of time and creating consistency within the composition.
Memphis pattern | Illustrator CC Tutorial #156/365
Memphis patterns are great for injecting a sense of personality into your creative projects. They can be used on product packaging, labels, business cards, web design and also look great on apparel or as a surface pattern!
Style Animation | Photoshop CC Tutorial #157/365
Recently we have seen a massive increase in the use of Animation across all types of creative projects and especially within branding and identity! So understanding how to use this technique could come in very handy on future projects!
Geometric landscape | Illustrator CC Tutorial #158/365
Learn how to take an initial image and work over it until you start to develop and style and look which is all your own! When creating digital Illustrations it can be difficult to get your proportions and perspective right, this technique can help you practise so that soon you might not even need the guide!
3D reflection | Photoshop CC Tutorial #159/365
Learn how to create a reflection on a 3D layer in Photoshop. Creating reflections on objects not only adds to the depth of your work but can ensure your final outcome looks realistic, this is especially true when working with 3D layers!
Serif VS San Serif | Theory Tutorial #160/365
This video will be extremely useful if you are just starting to study design and want to start to get to know more about type. Typography is a massive topic and it's important to start with the essentials! If you enjoy this video be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming type based tutorials to learn even more. 
Raster Effects | Illustrator Tutorial #161/365
Discover how to add Raster Effects like Drop Shadow or Blur to your vector illustrations. 
Getting familiar with the effects panel in Illustrator and how to use it will open up new creative directions in your work! It's well worth exploring! 
Page Numbers | Indesign Tutorial #162/365
This technique will come in very handy if you work start to work with long documents in Indesign and mean you can completely avoid labelling 251 pages manually. Think of the time you will save!
Vectorising Street Art | Illustrator Tutorial #163/365
This is a great way to collaborate with friends or other creatives and turn their physical art into a digital creation. You can use this technique on drawings, paintings etc. Be aware of copyright laws, street art is automatically copyrighted and you need permission from the artist to use their artwork in any shape or form!
Bunting Brush | Illustrator Tutorial #164/365
Understanding how to use the pattern brush tool can come in really handy when you're faced with tasks that require repetitive elements that still need to look naturally placed. Bunting is a great example of this! To see what we mean, check out the video!
Rags and Rivers | Theory Tutorial #165/365
Rags and Rivers refer to problems which crop up when your working with copy that can make reading hard or uncomfortable. In this video, we will explain what these strange terms mean, how to spot the problems and then how to fix/avoid them!
Photo to Polygons | Illustrator Tutorial #166/365
This style of illustration can be used in a whole host of creative projects, including branding, apparel design, surface pattern, album art, posters...we won't go on!  
Pixelation | Photoshop Tutorial #167/365
Typically Pixelation is something we all try to avoid but sometimes if it's created and used intentionally on an image it can create a great impact. Using this technique can draw a viers attention to a something you intentionally want to show or hide from view.
Photo Montage | Photoshop Tutorial #168/365
If you spend a lot of time working in Photoshop and are interested in image manipulation we have a handy tutorial about best practices for combining elements from separate images into one new image. It's so important to keep an eye on details like colour, shadow and perspective to make sure you end up with a natural feeling composition.
Analogous Colors | Theory Tutorial #169/365
Analogous Color schemes are made up of colours which sit next to each other on the colour wheel and are perfect for creating serene designs. Very handy if your illustration will accompany other assets or is part of a bigger project
Gridify | InDesign Tutorial #170/365
If you are interested in Editorial design, poster design or really anything which involves working with images in Indesign we are sure you will find today's tutorial very useful! Learn a nifty little technique called Gridify which allows you to neatly place multiple images into your documents at once. This will save you loads of time importing images separately and means you have more time to focus on developing amazing work.
Concentric Prism | Photoshop Tutorial #171/365
This is a very contemporary effect which not only injects personality into your images but can help you create a focal point meaning the viewer's attention will be drawn to the right place!
Perspective drawing | Illustrator #172/365​​​​​​​
learn the basics of using the Perspective Grid and how to draw on each plane, so once you have watched the video you can try it out yourself! Being able to use perspective in your Illustrations will mean you can add far more detail, create a greater sense of depth and take your creative work that step further!
Composition with Triangles | Photoshop tutorial #173/365
Sometimes the most simple of shapes can create the most engaging compositions. It can be easy to get carried away with over complex elements and overlook the simple more effective solution!
Warp Typography | Illustrator Tutorial #174/365
Discover some great tools and techniques for taking an existing typeface and warping it until it becomes something totally new and unique! Working with existing typefaces gives you a great starting point for a brand new design plus saves you time hunting around for the right font...just create it yourself!
Photo to 3D | Photoshop Tutorial #175/365
Learn how to transform an existing image from 2d to 3d in Photoshop using the Vanishing Point Filter. We have broken this technique down into a step by step guide so once you have watched today's video you will be ready to try it out on one of your own images!
Transitional Colour Palette | Illustrator Tutorial #176/365
We have another colour focused tutorial for you today! Learn how to create and apply a Transitional Colour Palette to your compositions in Illustrator. Understanding how to create and use this more complex palette will allow you to easily create reliable colour schemes for detailed design work without any fuss or faff!
Linked Smart Object | Photoshop Tutorial #177/365
Separate Photoshop files can share the same Linked Smart Object and this is useful because whenever you edit the linked file it will automatically update everywhere else it is used. This saves a tonne of time opening and updating files manually and minimises the chance of a mistake being made.
Viking Character Art | ProCreate #178/365
We have another Character Art tutorial. This tutorial is perfect for anyone interested in concept art, character design or developing an illustration style.
Drawing roads | Illustrator Tutorial #179/365
Discover how easy it can be to create and draw roads in Illustrator. This technique combines the Appearance Panel and Graphic Styles feature in Illustrator.
Whirlpool Effect | Photoshop Tutorial #180/365
See-Through Text...sounds a little odd right? BUT this is another great technique in which photos and text work together to create an overall impact.
Young/Old Portraits | ProCreate Tutorial #181/365
We have another illustration based tutorial which is all about the difference between drawing younger and older peoples faces. This tutorial will be very useful for anyone looking to improve their understanding of the human form and develop a strong and accurate style of illustration.
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