This year we have launched one of our most ambitious projects yet...
365 Days Of Creativity. This project involves releasing a one-minute tutorial every day for a whole year. Every video promises to teach you a new design skill and provide you with a perfect dose of daily inspiration
Here is a collection of our March projects! 
Icon Design | Illustrator CC Tutorial #60/365 Days of Creativity
Would you believe its national pig day! To celebrate this brilliantly clever animal we have created a tutorial which demonstrates exactly how to create a simple and very cute pig icon. We will show you how to create the Icon from start to finish using only simple shapes and the Shape Builder tool!
Drawing Feet | Traditional Media Tutorial #61/365 Days of Creativity
What are the hardest things to draw? Personally, we think it's hands, faces, and feet. Yes, feet! If your interested in improving your Illustration skills take a look at today's tutorial! Get top tips on the best practises for drawing feet, from structural sketches all the way to highlights and final details! If you can master drawing feet and know how to study the human anatomy everything else will seem like a walk in the park!
Circular Text | Illustrator CC Tutorial #62/365 Days of Creativity 
Learn the fastest and most effective method to apply type to a circle in illustrator. See how this effect looks when it's used in a design project and learn the keyboard shortcut for kerning your type
Blend Tool | Illustrator CC Tutorial #63/365 Days of Creativity
Have you heard of the blend tool in Illustrator? If not we highly recommend you take a minute to watch today's tutorial and discover just how useful it can be!  You can create contemporary, dynamic and interesting designs using just this one tool. This tutorial is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to work commercially as an illustrator or graphic designer!
Hand-drawn Sketches | Mobile Design Tutorial #64/365 Days of Creativity
Mobile design apps are becoming more and more popular and personally, we love them!  
Get tips on digitizing your initial designs so they become final illustrations, ready to be used in commercial projects or sold as stand alone prints!
Using Frames | InDesign CC Tutorial #65/365 Days of Creativity
You wouldn't believe how many different types of frame you can create. Plus once you have made a frame your not stuck with that shape, you can tailor the style to what you need/like! Frames hold information and can be used to help details stand out i.e a title or price. They can also be used to group similar information, add depth to your compositions.
Triadic Colours | Theory Tutorial #66/365 Days of Creativity
This is an incredibly important topic across all creative fields. Colour can help to set the tone of your design, tell and story, create an impression/mood and lots more! It’s so important to be able to use the right combinations for the right projects!
Pattern Brush | Illustrator CC Tutorial #67/365 Days of Creativity
Learn all of the different ways you can use/experiment with brushes in the Procreate App! You'll be so surprised at how tactile the final results feel and how useful they can be within commercial work! Creating this type of abstract pattern is perfect for use on loads of products i.e mugs, note books, phone cases etc but also could easily be used as book jacket designs, on packaging or apparel!  
Portrait Illustration | Procreate Tutorial #68/365 Days of Creativity
This is an extremely well-explored topic in art and design. If you are interested in developing your illustrative style today's tutorial will not only give you tips on the best practices for drawing portraits. But will show you how you to inject colour to develop more of a style to a piece of work! 
Vectorize Hand Lettering | Adobe Draw Tutorial #69/365 Days of Creativity
Check out how easy it is to trace over your freehand drawings, get some great tips on how to end up with a refined result. Which could always be developed even further in Adobe Illustrator. Plus learn how to undo any mistakes you may make while working in the app - we may be designers but we are still human!
Simple Grid | Theory Tutorial #70/365 Days of Creativity
Grids will not only ensure you create professional outcomes but will actually make your design process more fun! Yes we’re being serious! Having a format to work to means your free to experiment with visual styles in a risk free way.
Align and Distribute Panel | Illustrator CC Tutorial #71/365
We have been very excited to show you today's tutorial, which demonstrates a very useful yet perhaps underused panel in Adobe Illustrator...Align and Distribute. Check out how this little but mighty tool can help create consistency in your work and save you a tonne of time!​​​​​​​
Brush Smoothing | Photoshop CC Tutorial #72/365 Days of Creativity
If you want to be able to draw simple but professional shapes and lines with your mouse in Photoshop today's tutorial is for you! We've all tried drawing with a mouse and it's no secret that it's very tricky and the outcomes tend to look quite scruffy. However, using Brush Smoothing in Photoshop can change all that! Watch this tutorial to discover how to use it and to see the vast difference it makes to digital freehand drawing! This tool is handy for absolutely anyone who works in Photoshop and can help you add that extra bit of detail with ease. So you can bring your designs to life!
Banner Design | Adobe Spark Tutorial #73/365 Days of Creativity
Have you tried out Adobe Spark yet? If not we highly recommend you take a look! 
Use this tool to create beautiful images, videos, and web pages to make your brand or project stand out online!
Custom Type | Illustrator CC Tutorial #74/365
Learn to manipulate type in Illustrator so you can create custom letterforms in your very own style!  Once you understand how to use the techniques Shumi walks through you can apply them to your own typographic compositions!
Selecting Hair | Photoshop CC Tutorial #75/365 Days of Creativity
Selecting hair in Photoshop can seem like a pretty complex task. If it's something you struggle with or are simply baffled by check out our 75th one minute video! 
Face-aware Liquify | Photoshop CC Tutorial #76/365 Days of Creativity
Usually used to alter facial features of subjects in photographs instead, you will now discover how it can be used to make changes to your portrait illustrations. 
This means even once you have finished a drawing you can carry on customizing it in Photoshop until you are happy or to correct a little mistake you noticed too late! 
Digital Watercolour | Adobe Sketch Tutorial #77/365 Days of Creativity
Being able to create these more organic feeling illustrations but in a digital environment can save you loads of time. Plus allow you to experiment with different brushes and effects on the go. So the assets are ready to drop straight into your project, whether that be an editorial project, logo or poster design etc! 
Contouring Portraits | Photoshop CC Tutorial #78/365 Days of Creativity
Learn to contour using photoshop using a simple step by step process. We promise it's faster than doing it in real life! This technique in the creative industry in post-production to make slight tweaks or changes to images. Which could be used in anything from adverts to magazine covers, product packaging, on web pages etc.
Character Art | ProCreate Tutorial #79/365 Days of Creativity
Watch this video for some great tips on how to take an initial sketch to a final result using mobile design app ProCreate! Another amazing creative application to check out.
Geometric Line Art | Illustrator CC Tutorial #80/365 Days of Creativityl
Today we would like to share an effect you may not have come across in Illustrator and if you haven't, you are missing out. This tool is perfect for distorting simple shapes and turning them into more complex design assets to either be used alone as prints or to be used in larger design projects! 
Cutout with Ps Mix | Photoshop Mix Tutorial #81/365 Days of Creativity
First off we have Photoshop Mix an image editing app. Then Adobe Comp, which is a mobile version of InDesign! Where you can mock up an initial composition and then send it straight into InDesign from your Ipad. No fuss! 
Content-Aware Move Tool | Photoshop CC Tutorial #82/365 Days of Creativity
Hand lettering can be tricky and time consuming. You need to have a good working method to go by so you don’t end up wasting to time! Today we’re sharing a perfect working method for producing hand lettering. Watch as we take a typographic composition from initial guides and pencil marks to final result.
Complementary Colours | Theory Tutorial #83/365 Days of Creativity
This video will explain exactly what they are (trust us it’s more complex than it sounds) and show you a good and a not so good example of a Complimentary colour palette. Then finally teach you a handy little method for creating your own
Editing Photos | Lightroom CC & Photoshop Fix Tutorial #84/365 Days of Creativity
Learn how to combine Lightroom and Photoshop Fix to take an image from okay all the way to excellent! Did you know you can use Photoshop Fix to get rid of lens flare? If not watch this video to find out how!
Balance in Design layouts | Theory Tutorial #85/365 Days of Creativity
Understanding how Balance works is especially useful when working on editorial design poster design or when you are creating visuals for advertising. It will ensure your composition is comfortable to look at and easy to navigate. Meaning the viewer will always take away the right bits of info! 
Horse Painting | ProCreate Tutorial #86/365 Days of Creativity
This tutorial is perfect if you are interested in improving your drawing skills and the process you use when approaching a new illustrative project.
Orphans and Widows | Theory Tutorial #87/365 Days of Creativity
Orphans and Widows...we know it’s sounds like an odd topic for a design tutorial! But these two phrases actually refer to problems that you need to keep an eye out for when working with type! Watch this video to learn exactly what these terms mean, check out some examples of how they appear in a column of copy (so you know what to look out for!) Plus learn a quick technique so you can avoid Orphans and Widows all together
Art Brush | Illustrator CC Tutorial #88/365 Days of Creativity
If you love working in Illustrator as much as we do today's tutorial is just right for you! Learn how to create Custom Art Brushes using a step by step guide. So as soon as you have watched today's tutorial you can give it a go yourself!
Scribble Effect | Illustrator CC Tutorial #89/365 Days of Creativity
This effect can provide more of a rough and natural effect to vector illustrations, which
can be useful if you are working on a project about nature, adventure, organic products and lots more! 
Mesh Tool | Illustrator CC Tutorial #90/365 Days of Creativity
Have you heard of the Mesh Tool? If you haven't or your not sure what it does be sure to stick around and watch this tutorial! Especially if you are interested in graphic design or illustration. We are sure you will immediately recognize the effect and be surprised at how easy it is to create and customize!
We hope you found these useful (and interesting!) Be sure you check our social sites for new tutorials everyday. Youtube and Instagram

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