This year we have launched one of our most ambitious projects yet...
365 Days Of Creativity. This project involves releasing a one-minute tutorial every day for a whole year. Every video promises to teach you a new design skill and provide you with a perfect dose of daily inspiration
Here is a collection of our May projects! 
Color Pop Effect | Photoshop CC Tutorial #121/365​​​​​​​
Make the most of being able to modify the Hue and Saturation of your images in Photoshop. Learn how to use the On-Image Editing Tool so you can make changes to the colour of individual elements within your photographs, while the rest of the image remains unchanged!  
Cast Shadow | Illustrator CC Tutorial #122/365​​​​​​​
Creating cast shadows in Illustrator can be time-consuming to get right. Learning this simple technique could save you a lot of time and help you to develop more of a style for your vector drawings.
Lino Printing | Traditional Media Tutorial #123/365
This technique is often used by fine artists but has more recently been adopted by commercial Illustrators, Graphic Designers and creatives of all types. 
Traditional techniques have made a come back in a big way, find out how you can get started producing your own prints and start using them in professional projects!
App Prototype | Adobe Xd CC Tutorial #124/365
Today we want to introduce you to Adobes Tool for creating mobile app prototypes. If you don't already use Xd this tutorial is for you, especially if you are interested in either UX/UI design. This piece of software makes it quick (and painless) to make your design concepts into working prototypes which you can test out and walk through with clients, colleagues, friends etc.
Mirroring | Photoshop CC Tutorial #125/365
Discover this useful technique which can help you to check, refine and perfect Illustrations. When you're in the flow of drawing it can be hard to notice smaller details which are actually making a massive difference to your Artwork.
Using Frames | InDesign CC Tutorial #126/365
Using Image frames in InDesign doesn't sound like the most exciting topic! However understanding how you can manipulate image frames can help you to use images more effectively in InDesign, resulting in more interesting, playful and dynamic spreads!
Paint Streak Typography | Photoshop CC Tutorial #127/365
Learn how to make use of some of the most commonly used tools in Photoshop but in a whole new way and end up with a natural and authentic feeling display font! This technique will come in handy for creatives of all types and could end saving you a lot of time digitising more traditional designs.
Creating Spirals | Illustrator CC Tutorial #128/365
Who uses the Spiral Tool in Illustrator? If you haven't had the chance to experiment with it yet today we not only want to show you how to use and customise the settings for this brilliant tool. But demonstrate exactly what type of project it could come in handy for!  
CC Libraries | Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorial #129/365
CC Libraries offer a new way to share, store and work with Assets across the Adobe Applications. Sharing assets in a creative team can often be a time consuming (painful) process BUT CC Libraries can change all of that! Creating and using a CC Libary means the assets you add are always stored in one place, ready to be used (even without WiFi) plus you can invite people to join the library so they always have access to exactly the same assets. No faff or fuss!  
Sketching Hercules | ProCreate Tutorial #130/365
Creative mobile applications make it possible to draw on the go with ease and mean you can pick up where you left off later. Either in the same app or on a desktop application. No misplacing or ruining those all-important sketches!
Golden Ratio | Theory Tutorial #131/365
When you understand how the Golden Ratio works and know it can be used, you can apply it to compositions to create pleasing and natural feeling designs. Which seem to just effortlessly look great!
Out of Bounds | Photoshop CC Tutorial #132/365
Today we have a fun, creative tutorial which involves combining text and image to produce a final design result. We highly recommend you try out this technique. We would love to see what you come up with!
Onna-bugeisha | ProCreate tutorial #133/365
Watch our working process as we take an initial sketch of a female Japanese Warrior (did you know natively they are called Onna Bugeisha, sounds pretty cool) through to a final result ready to be used in commercial projects!
Celtic Knot | Illustrator CC Tutorial #134/365
Follow a step by step guide to producing a Celtic Knot in Illustrator. This process involves learning to use the Shape Builder Tool. Which if you haven't come across before will open up a whole new world of illustrative possibilities
Glitch Effect | Photoshop CC #135/365
Applying this kind of effect to images has become a big trend within the industry. Especially images which are going to be used in Editorial projects or for movie posters and we can see why. It's dynamic, contemporary and stylish. 
Adobe Comp Gestures | Adobe Comp Tutorial #136/365
Adobe Comp is one of Adobes mobile design applications and it's a lot like InDesign on your iPad...I know we were excited when it was released too! Whats better you can use hand-drawn gestures to create and manipulate assets within your spread. So if you need a new text box or image frame just draw it straight into your design.
Landscape Gradients | Illustrator CC Tutorial #137/365
Get to grips with gradients...If you know how to create great looking Gradients they can be used to add a great deal of depth and character to your work. Especially if you are into Illustration. 
Motion Blur | Photoshop CC Tutorial #138/365
It's likely that you will have seen this effect used in loads of creative projects, especially in printed advertisements and magazines!
Letterform Anatomy | Theory Tutorial #139/365
There are plenty of unusual terms in Typography and especially when referring to the Anatomy of letters! We want to teach you a few of those terms and show you how each and every letter can be broken down into smaller components.
InDesign Snippets | InDesign CC Tutorial #140/365
Learn how to export individual assets/objects from InDesign so they are ready to be placed and reused in other InDesign documents, still fully editable/customisable.
Type Hierarchy | Theory Tutorial #141/365​​​​​​​
Understanding how to create Hierarchy within your work is an essential skill for any graphic designer/Illustrator and can mean the difference between your viewer understanding the whole message of your design...or not!
Shattered FX | Photoshop CC Tutorial #142/365
You can use Photoshop to create some pretty cool effects in Photoshop, today we want to show you how you can create a realistic looking shattered effect using two separate images!
Intertwined Text | Illustrator CC #143/365
We will demonstrate a great technique for intertwining your type and vector illustration to create one final asset ready to be used in commercial design projects or sold online! We have seen a big trend towards combining text and simple illustrations in this way and think it's a great way to inject some personality into your design work. Particularly if you an illustrator.
History Panel | Photoshop CC Tutorial #144/365
The History Panel is probably one of the most useful features in Photoshop and understanding exactly how it works can save you a lot of time and hassle whilst editing images! This tutorial is ideal for absolutely anyone who works in Photoshop and wants to improve their knowledge of the software!
3D Mockup | Dimension CC Tutorial #114/365
Have you heard of Dimension CC? It's another Adobes desktop applications, which enables you to combine 3D models and images to create your own realistic product mock-ups. This gives you great flexibility over how you want your product to appear to a viewer, perfect if you want to sell a packaging concept to a client or develop a product of your own!
CC Files | Creative Cloud Tutorial #145/365
Not only will your files stay safe in the cloud but they will be accessible from anywhere and you can invite others to view and review them. So it's easy to get feedback from your team or client!
Silhouette Lines | Illustrator CC Tutorial #146/365
This technique is really useful for anyone who works in Illustrator and wants to gain a better understanding of how separate tools can work together to create a brilliant result!
Baseline Grid | InDesign Tutorial #147/365
Baseline Grids are great for ensuring your copy looks neat, consistent and professional. Watch this tutorial to find out how to set up a Base Line grid and learn exactly how they work...
See-through Text | Photoshop CC #148/365
See-Through Text...sounds a little odd right? BUT this is another great technique in which photos and text work together to create an overall impact.
Eleven Portrait | ProCreate #149/365
Our first few Fan Art tutorials were so popular we decided to create another! If you missed the first two not to worry just look for day #109/365 and day #115/365 in our playlist to check them out! If you're a Stranger Things fan this is the tutorial for you, watch as we create a portrait of the character Eleven from initial sketch through to final result!
Circular Comp | Photoshop #150/365
This is one of the team's favourites from this month! Discover how you can extract elements from multiple images and use them to create a brand new (and very cool) composition!
Learn how to use the Mixer Brush in Photoshop to create some crazy and great looking typography. ​​​​​​​
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